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After a consistent practice during law school, time by which he wavered between public institutions, magic circle law firms and Romanian law firms, after a deep reflection Dan has chosen the private field, where he has felt he could perform better. Consequently, after graduation he joined the Real Estate department of an international law firm, which he eventually abandoned in favor of a boutique-type approach of law, less dull and rigid. He thus met the CMP team where he gladly practices law at the time being.


Although he does not like to boast (excessively), Dan was involved in various Real Estate projects and assisted both institutional and individual clients in operations such as: project development land acquisition, direct project acquisition, construction agreements, leasing of commercial premises, acquisition and merger of widespread agricultural land and hotel industry related transactions (both hotel management agreements and hotel acquisitions). He also advised banks and debt collection companies in the process of selling / buying NPL portfolios. As to the Data Protection practice, Dan carried out legal audits and conformation programs, revised contracts from the data protection perspective and drafted procedures which the clients use in their day-by-day activity. Dan is permanently in touch with data protection officers of top

companies and is offering his assistance to what concerns sensible issues generated by the data protection field.

He also represents corporate clients in various issues generated by their commercial activity, starting with negotiating agreements or critical situations and ending with litigation matters.

One recent passion of his derives from the low understanding the Romanian authorities have over the tax law provisions. To this end, Dan actively and comfortably positions himself towards client having tax law disputes with the authorities.