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Andreea had contact with a wide range of legal professions, nevertheless she chose lawyering not just because it is a profession that challenges you daily to find optimal solutions to the various legal issues and to constantly update your knowledge, but also because, as an activity based on human relationships, it helps you better understand people and pay attention to their needs. Driven by a unwavering sense of ethics, Andreea is firmly convinced that the dictum “the end justifies the means” should not guide the practices in this career.


Andreea is member of the Bucharest Bar since 2018 and her main area of interest is the intellectual property law, which happily combines innovation, creativity and human progress. Other areas of her interest are civil and commercial contracts, competition law, tax law and labor law, being thus involved in CMP’s projects.

Andreea applied her knowledge gained in law school during legal practice in law

firms but also in public institutions, has participated at student competitions, scientific communication sessions and simulated litigations in private law domains, especially civil law and commercial law, activities that helped her to set up a realistic perspective on the lawyer profession.

Andreea is an English speaker and she is also improving her French speaking skills.